The Cadet training year follows that of the school calendar year, beginning in September and ending in June. Weekly meetings include training in aviation, leadership, citizenship, outdoor survival, drill, marksmanship, and sports.  Weekend trips throughout the year include camping, gliding, and a citizenship trip, and excellent summer training opportunities.

We are always accepting new recruits; however, September to October are the main months where most of the recruits for the training year join us. The earlier you join, the more you can benefit from all we have to offer, and more importantly, make friends.

Don't worry, you can still join at any time during the cadet training year (September to June). Note that if you are interested in attending summer camp or want to progress to the next proficiency level the following year, you will need to have joined NO LATER THAN March 1.

To register please contact the administration office via E-MAIL to submit and complete all the required documentation listed below. 

Please note, that we are only processing applications for membership online through E-Mail

STEP 1: 

Now that you are ready to join Air Cadets, you will need to FIRST submit the required application for membership form, as well as one each of the following:

1) a photocopy of the birth certificate, OR valid Canadian Passport, OR Canadian Permanent Resident/VISA Card; and


2) a photocopy of the provincial health insurance card (OHIP).

NOTE: We do not accept certificates of live birth


The completed application form, along with the photocopies of your health insurance card and birth certificate start your Cadet Personnel Record. Your Cadet Personnel Record is stored safely and securely at the Squadron in the Administration Office. Cadets/parents/legal guardians shall have access to the cadet’s file by asking the CO or the Administration Officer of the Cadet Corps.


When you leave or age-out of Cadets, make sure to ask for a copy of your Cadet Personnel Record. You never know if you will need it in the future.



After you have completed all the necessary forms, have the proper documentation and have been accepted for membership, welcome to the Cadet Program, and to the 614 Squadron Family! Devorate Omnes! 


On your first day, please wear a white shirt and black pants with running shoes. This will serve as your uniform until you are fitted for, and issued your very own uniform!

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to enroll your youth, please contact the administration officer, using the form below.



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To request more information:

Contact the Administration Officer

Wednesdays (Sept - June) 1830 - 2030


You can also request more information through this form:

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