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Supply and Uniform Resources

Distribution of Field Training Uniform (FTU) and Blue Dress Uniforms for Air Cadets

In order for 614 Air Cadets to receive a Field Training Uniform (FTU) and blue uniforms, we are requesting your help to provide us with the measurements required to place the orders. In order to do that, we are asking you to consult the measuring guide and respect the instructions attached at the button below. 

New Cadets: Please ensure you select BOTH full FTU and Blue Uniform so that you can be kitted appropriately

  1. This form should be completed with the assistance of an adult.

  2. Individuals being measured should remove all items from their pockets (so there is no bulk)

  3. They should NOT stand at the “ATTENTION” position.

  4. All measurements should be taken close but NOT TOO TIGHT to allow space for the cadet to grow and move freely

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