Squadron Adult Staff

The staff who work with Air Cadets come from all walks of life; they may be students, teachers, police officers, members or ex- members of the Canadian Forces, or members of service groups such as the Air Force Association or Royal Canadian Legion. Some are even former Air Cadets. But, no matter how diverse their backgrounds, the staff have one thing in common: their dedication to the development of Canada's youth.



Commanding Officer

Captain David Bouchard, CD

Deputy Commanding Officer, Training Officer

Captain Travis Buckle

Administration Officer

Lieutenant Phoenix Golshan

Supply Officer

Lieutenant Gillian Coulter

Supply Officer

Civilian Volunteer Sarah Ruseff

Assistant Training Officer

Captain Brittany Miles

Senior Instructor, Level 5 Officer, Band Officer

Lieutenant Linthorne-Shaw

Level 4 Officer

Civilian Volunteer Wen Shen Lee

Level 3 Officer

Civilian Volunteer Samantha Keow

Level 2 Officer

Civilian Volunteer William Lewis

Level 1 Officer

Civilian Volunteer Mark Baptiste


Master Corporal Tyler Watchorn

Ground School Instructor

Civilian Volunteer Ron Haertel

National Course Coordinator

Captain Craig Sigurdson, CD


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