614 Squadron
Dynamic Family

614 Squadron parades out of the Royal School Building at Wolesley Barracks in London, Ontario. Cadets in 614 squadron are youth aged 12 - 18.


Regular Training takes place on Wednesday nights, where cadets undergo training in subjects such as citizenship, leadership, fitness, aviation, and drill.


Throughout the training year cadets are given opportunities to participate in familiarization flying, where they are taken on flights in a glider or powered aircraft with a qualified pilot.


614 Squadron also performes several Field Training Exercises each year, where cadets are instructed in survival skills in a field setting.


Throughout the year the squadron also puts on various trips and activities which will change from year to year. In the past they have included everything from trips to museums to a day at a waterpark.


614 Squadron also has several cadet-led teams including the Brass and Reed Band, Drill Team, and Range Team.


Whether you are new or old to the 614 family, we welcome you whole-heartedly!

Why Join 614

614 squadron is a dynamic family environment with a rich history and diverse alumni. When you join our squadron you will feel welcomed with open arms and smiling faces.

How to Join 614

Bring your health card, birth certificate or government issued ID and a parent to any parade night. Come out in a white shirt with black pants and black shoes.  More information and registration form are on the Join page.