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614 Air Cadet Squadron​

Mailing Address:

PO Box 50018 WILTON

London ON N6A 6H8

Please use the contact form below to contact the Squadron administration officer and tell us your question.

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you soon!


Fill out the MS Teams form if you will be missing a cadet training night or if you will be missing an optional activity for which you have committed yourself (e.g., FTX, Gliding, Band, Drill, etc.). The form can also be accessed via the 614 MS Teams "General" channel.

If you will be absent for multiple activities, you must submit a new form for each activity.

Cadets absent – without being excused – for more than 30 days will be Struck Off Strength; in other words, released from the Squadron and the Cadet Program.

The Administration Officer (Lieutenant Golshan) will contact cadets who are past the 30-day absentee limit and advise them of their choices:
a. Return to parading with the Squadron immediately; or
b. Apply for Excused Absence if they are eligible; or
c. Return their uniform and end their membership in the Cadet Program.

This action is not to penalize absentees. It is necessary to demonstrate the importance of regular and consistent attendance at training sessions to participate in the air cadet program successfully, and to ensure we have an accurate list of Squadron members.

Please note:
This form does not replace an Authorized Extended Leave of Absence. It is meant to excuse one-time or rarely occurring absences (e.g., illness, a lot of homework one evening, another commitment, etc.). 

  • If a trend is noticed (i.e., a cadet regularly fills out the absence form to be excused), a conversation will still be had with the cadet regarding attendance expectations.

  • If a cadet must miss a significant amount of training (i.e., more than 4 weeks in a row) and the cadet has been registered for longer than a year, they may request an Authorized Extended Leave of Absence.


*NOTE: Appointments must be made to visit the Supply Office*

Our parade location is Catholic Central High School, 450 Dundas Steet, London. Regular training nights are Wednesdays from 1830hrs - 2100hrs (unless otherwise noted)

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