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614 Squadron History

  • The idea of another Air Cadet Squadron in the city of London was sparked by two former Air Cadet Officers: W.A. Mallet and E.H. Muzylowsky, as well as a Master Corporal in the First Battalion of The Royal Canadian Regiment, J. Bentley.


  • Immediately, the Provincial Chairman of the Air Cadet League was informed of the interest in starting a new Squadron. He was receptive to the idea, but he noted that the requirements of a potential new Squadron had to be met before a charter could be granted. These requirements were:

           • Designation of a Sponsoring Committee;
           • Allocation of training facilities;
           • Officers and Instructors had to be found; and most importantly,
           • A supply of young people had to be assured.


  • After considerable time and effort being spent without a Sponsoring Committee being found, the idea seemed doomed.  However, at the end of May 1976, the retired Commanding Officer of 27 RC(AIR)CS, Mr. D.M.R. Hammond, was contacted for assistance. Through Major Hammond, it was hoped that a Sponsoring Committee of ex Air Force personnel could be found.

  • On 15 June 1976, a meeting was arranged with the Base Commander of CFB London, Colonel R.A. Allan. Colonel Allan stated at this meeting, that part of his responsibilities as Base Commander was to the Cadet movement, and he assured that training facilities would be made available.


  • Throughout the summer of 1976, the details were finalized and on 2 September 1976, 614 RC(AIR)CS was officially designated as The Forest City Squadron. On the 23 September, the first training night was held and the Squadron effective strength stood at 49 Cadets.

  • Originally, the Sponsoring Committee had wanted 617 as the number for the new squadron. This was due to the fact that several of its members were part of the original 617 Dambusters Squadron, famous for its bomber aircraft which destroyed dams during the Second World War. The number, however, was already in use, and so 614 was settled on as the next best thing.

  • The resulting squadron has done nothing but grow and improve since its early days, and now parades approximately 75 cadets and 6 Officers.  The squadron has won numerous awards – including Top Squadron in Ontario - for the cadets and many more for the Sponsoring Committee. 

  • If you are new this year to 614, we welcome you whole-heartedly into the 614 Family.




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