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Flight Simulator


Click on the buttons below to open the PowerPoint in a new browser window.  Review all the information and be prepared to answer questions in 614 Flight Simulator Ground School.  These lessons are self study and the information will be required. There will be a number of tests that you will have to pass to be able to use the Simulators.  Don't worry, it won't be too difficult, but you will need to be able to put into practice the technical lessons you learn on Wednesday nights about flight.

More Info Soon - Lessons

614 Flight Simulator Ground School


You will be able to earn your 614 Flight Simulator license by learning the following:

How to use the computer and its basic operation.

How to use the operating system (Microsoft Windows and Linux)

How to use the Flight Simulator Software (FSX, Prepar3D v4.x, FlightGear and X-Plane 11)

How to use the controls and keyboard.

You will learn to fly:

Glider, Single Engine aircraft (DA-20, DA-40, Cessna 172) and maybe Multi Engine aircraft.

Learn to fly at night and learn to fly cross-country if you want.

Advanced lessons:

F-22 Raptor, F-35 Lightning, Airbus, Boeing and the Space Shuttle

Develop your own aircraft design using Blender (3D drawing program) and the simulator built in flight dynamics software. This is part of 614's STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) program to help students learn more and develop an interest in science and math.

FlightGear is an Open Source program, so you can see how a Flight Simulator is coded and look at the inner workings (C++ programming knowledge needed)

Flight Sim at Home

You can use your own home computer to run the Flight Simulator software too.

Software being Used (approx cost):

Future Simulator - Just announced by Microsoft - Flight Simulator 2020 

FSX (MS) - outdated 2006 - $80 (Win 32-bit)

Prepar3D (Lockheed Martin) v4.x - $70 (Win 64-bit)

X-Plane 11 (Laminar) - $70 (Win64, MAC, Linux)

FlightGear 2019.1.x (Free) - (Win64, MAC, Linux)

Software not in use (more game oriented):

FlightSim World - (on Steam - open beta $49)

AeroFly FS2 - (on Steam and MAC -$54.99)

FSX (MS/Dovetail) - 2017 - $27.99 (Win 64-bit) (Available on Steam)

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