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How to Wear the FTU

C5 - Field Training Uniform (FTU)

FTU air cadets.png

This order of dress is typically worn during field training exercises and at the local unit for weekly training nights, as per the Commanding Officer's discretion

  • Wedge, beret, or turban with cloth cap badge, or wide-brimmed hat or toque. 

  • Blue t-shirt

  • Field shirt (tunic)

  • Field pants and belt

  • Rank slip-on

  • Socks

  • Field boots

Authorized accoutrements: appointment brassard; sleeves may be rolled up to elbows or worn extended with button closed. 

Video on How to wear FTU (by another Squadron)

Boot Bands


These are to assist you in blousing your FTU pants properly over the boots and to prevent them from falling down. Please see the video below on how to use them.

If you have other questions related to wearing the uniform, positioning badges, etc. Please consult the Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Dress Instructions, found on our website here: DRESS REGULATIONS | 614rcacs (

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