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614 RCACS Logo to Official Crest Information Breifing


In 2016 the Air Cadet League of Canada (ACLC) as part of the 75th Anniversary events advised various Air Cadet Squadrons in Ontario with respect to the use of their Squadrons Official crest as part of a national poster. Due to the fact that 614 RCACS crest didn’t meet the required definitions and settings for use, the ACLC requested that it be updated and re-branded to meet the requirements as set out in the Air Cadet League of Canada Policy and Procedure Part 5 Sec. 5.6 – Air Cadets Flags and Insignia. Since that time, 614 RCACS has not completed this request, and currently has no official ACLC crest, but rather, what is considered a Squadron logo. 614 RCACS was not included in the 2016 national poster due to the fact a Squadron Crest re-branding was not completed.


Project Statement;


Staff, Cadets and the Squadron SSC will endeavour to complete a re-branding of the 614 RCACS logo into a crest that meets the definitions and settings as outlined in the Air Cadet League of Canada Policy and Procedure Part 5 Sec. 5.6 – Air Cadets Flags and Insignia. The implementation of this Official Crest is not to replace the current logo, but rather enhance the footprint of 614 RCACS within the CCO and our community.




  1. This tasking will be completed in phases which are as follows;


  • Phase 1: Crest Design as per Air Cadet League of Canada Policy and Procedure Part 5 Sec. 5.6 – Air Cadets Flags and Insignia.


  • 614 Squadron both here and abroad has a deep, rich history. Members will research 614 RCACS, here in Canada dating from 1976 to current, and furthermore; 614 RAuxAF Squadron in the UK which is our affiliated unit. Members will take note of 614 RAuxAF Sqn’s role from 1937 to 1957 and moving forward to current time.


  • Submissions should be thoroughly researched and consideration given to how our past success could be included while at the same time speak to our future as a squadron and our future cadets. Members should also give consideration to our affiliated 614 RAuxAF Sqn and how they too could be given representation in our crest. Give our Crest a Story


  • We are known as "the forest city" what does that mean? and how can we incorporate that fact into an Official Crest.


  • Consider the actual 614 RAuxAF Squadron which dates back to 1 June 1937. Take some time to research the history that 614 RAuxAF has been part of and how it has now become 614 County of Glamorgan Squadron RAuxAF with the motto “Codaf I Geisio” I rise to search.


  • Take some time to look into the different aircraft that have been associated with 614 Sqn RAuxAF.


  • Research our affiliated Squadron’s Battle Honours.


  • Streamline our design, avoid clutter.


  • Don’t overthink things and confuse what you are trying to say through the crest.


  • Make the crest relevant.


  • Can your design create a “buzz” and reach new target demographics to the squadron.


  • There are a lot of great Cadet Squadron Crests out there, google some, see what has been approved in the past, ones that look amazing and ones that don't.


  • Ensure you have a reason, a story, and forethought for every single aspect of your design, from images to words, to your colours as they must all represent 614 Squadron, and/or in part; the Canadian Cadet Organization, the Canadian Air Force, the Canadian Forces, the Air Cadet League of Canada, the City of London, 614 RAuxAF, 614 RAuxAF battle honours etc, in some way.


  • Phase 2: Submission for consideration.


  • Once a member has completed their design it will be submitted to the Commanding Officer.


  • The submission will also include a briefing note explaining all aspects of the crest submission.


  • Once all submissions have been received NLT 10 June 2020 the Commanding Officer will strike a sub-committee to review and select a submission, or submissions to incorporate.


  • If the sub-committee finds that aspects of more than one submission could be incorporated to make one crest that is approved, then the Commanding Officer will ensure this work is completed.


  • The sub-committee will include members of the current staff of 614 RCACS, the SSC, and selected senior cadets. The addition of members of the ACAL, OPC and 614 Alumni will be at the desecration of Commanding Officer and the Chair of the 614 SSC.


  • Once the sub-committee approves a crest to be the new rebranded official 614 RCACS crest, they will submit that crest to the CO and the Chair of the SSC.


  1. The CO and the DCO will be the points of contact for the undertaking and completion of all taskings, the OIC of this tasking will be the Commanding Officer or Designate.  

Current and Sample Crests/Logos

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